1) "So you never eat meat?"
Simple answer: NO!

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2) "Do you at least eat fish?"
Vegetarians don't eat fish, pescetarians do!

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3) "Are you vegan?"
Nope, just vegetarian. So yes, I can still drink milk, eat paneer and enjoy honey!

4) "Where do you get your protein from?"
Let's see...lentils, beans, tofu, soy milk, quinoa, nuts, vegetables and many, many other sources!

5) "What do you order in a restaurant? A salad?"
Um, no...most restaurants almost always have a vegetarian option.

7) "Are you vegetarian for religious reasons?"
Why does this even matter?

6) "Would you eat meat if someone gave you a million bucks?"
Oh, jeez!!!

7) "Have you ever even tried eating bacon? It's literally life changing!"
Um, no thanks! I am good over here!

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