What if we told you, you could eat your favourite foods like pizza, chips, ice-cream without any guilt?! We are totally serious! Check out 7 nutritious food alternatives to oh-so bad for you foods! You are welcome!

1) Love soda? Drink fruit infused seltzer water instead!
Same delicious fizz, minus the artificial sugar!

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2) Love pizza? Eat cauliflower pizza instead! 
Surprising yummy, without any guilt! 

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3) Love potato chips? Eat popcorn instead! 
Everyone's favourite snack!

4) Love peanut butter? Eat almond butter instead! 
Buttery goodness!

5) Love milk? Drink soy milk instead! 
So delicious and so nutritious! 

6) Love Premium ice cream? Eat almond milk ice cream instead!
Yummy indulgence,  half the calories! 

7) Love milk chocolate? Eat Dark Chocolate instead! 
Sweet treat that is actually good for you! 

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