Anisha Dixit aka Rickshawali is a YouTube star with over 96,000 subscribers and 9.3+ million views! She is a pioneer in covering controversial topics such as sex, struggles of being a woman, relationships and more. Though her channel started by accident, she has become a huge sensation in India, due to her highly relatable videos. Her secret to success? "Never give up!"

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I was born and raised in Germany, then moved to Switzerland after High School to complete my studies. I studied in Switzerland for a while, then moved to the US to finish my studies. After living in the US for a while, I made the decision to move to India for good and have lived here ever since! The result of country hopping has definitely given me a unique accent, which a lot of people often question me about. It is hard to have one specific accent when you grew up around the world, but I would not change my traveling experiences for anything as they have definitely shaped me into the woman I am today.

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I have always had an outgoing personality, but my start on YouTube was a complete accident! In November of 2013, I was on a Ricksha on my way to meet a friend, and a thought occurred to me: "What if this Ricksha was a backdrop for something fun?!" So I took out my phone and started recording a video of myself in the Ricksha. Later, I realized that the cute Ricksha made for a perfect miniaturized studio with a great pink backdrop. The first video I posted my first  was "Ram Leela Movie Review" and to my surprise, people started watching, which encouraged me to making more videos! 

I realised I could use the medium of Youtube for anything I wanted to express. I felt the need to talk about certain issues which are considered 'taboo' in India, through which one of my most favourite videos came into life, a Musical about Periods. And yes, I sing in it, bathroom style! My audience really appreciated this attempt, which gave me the courage to speak about more issues like sex education or fairness creams. But apart from only talking about serious issues, I also started talking about lighter, daily struggles of being in a relationship and living in India. Being on the internet and putting yourself out there, leads to a lot of praise but also criticism. But to succeed, one must develop a thick skin and with time, you learn to brush off the hateful comments and focus on the positivity, which is far bigger than any negativity.

I felt the need to talk about certain issues which are considered 'taboo' in India.

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​I have such amazing subscribers who I lovingly call Ricksters! They give me power and love everyday which drives me to make better and even more entertaining videos. And for any haters out there, I just kill them with a sweet #LovePunch. Along with making my viewers laugh, my mission is to bring a sense of awareness to the topics on hand. I also want to help girls to grow their personality and grow as an individual to become more independent. That is also why most of my videos are targeted towards young women.

I also want to help girls to grow their personality and grow as an individual.

YouTube is still a fairly new concept in India, but it is growing at a very fast speed. There are not that many women on the internet yet but if you really believe in what you have to say, just do it and don't give any excuses! Come up with an idea, figure out the best way to execute it and just go for it! It is so rewarding to connect with people all around the world who share your interests and ideas. Don't think about the money or the fame, do it because you are genuinely passionate about a topic, and the rest will follow with time. 

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