There are certain things you can only say to your BFF without worrying about being judged! Here are our top 8 frequently text message moments with our besties that truly show us we are #friendshipgoals! 

1) Can you go like my new picture on Insta? Leave a cute comment, too! 
It's the first rule of friendship! 

2) "I can't go out anymore, I got my effin' period" 
Only she can understand! 

3) "Hi" 30 seconds later "Hello??" 15 seconds later "WTF??? Helloooo!!???!!!" *finally responds* 
Spamming your BFF's text messages till she responds is totes normal! 

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4) "I am telling my mom I am hanging out with you tonight, so just play along!" 
Hot date, here I come!!!

5) "Quick! Gimme your FB password so I can stalk _____." 
C'mon, everyone does this! 

6) "I feel like you owe me an apology." 
Your best friend is the only person who you can demand an apology from.

7) "Take down that picture from Instagram RIGHT NOW!" 
Because if you don't tell your BFF the truth, who else will?! 

8) 😜​🙈​😂​😂​😂​😍​😎​😈​😫​😪​😩​😷​😷
Who even needs words when you can have a full conversation using emojis?! 

What do you think?