AIB's Tanmay Bhatt as a Feminist Bee is Just Hilarious

His cute Marathi accent makes him even more adorable , while he makes the correct point

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AIB's Tanmay Bhatt has done it again! This time using a the Snapchat bee filter to make his point. Tanmay takes on the hilarious avatar of a self righteous and feminist Marathi Bee , delving into the world of sexism ,friend zoning , male egos and office politics faced by women , all from a Bee's perspective.

While absolutely hilarious , the videos also hit home on some pertinent and very real points making them even more wonderful to watch.

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Its nice to see new age internet comedians use their fame and followers to help spread an important message a well, all the while keeping us in splits of laughter. We love you Tanmay Bhatt.

Check out the videos of the snapchat story bellow

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