Here's What Your Instagram Post Says About You

Which one are you?

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Instagram is a huge part of our lives today. It's where, choosing between a Valencia, or a Mayfair filter, is a life or death decision. Where, choosing to post a picture of your Acai bowl, or your #OOTD, will define your day. Every morning, you get excited to see a picture of another fancy frappuccino, or a cute puppy, or your favourite celeb.

But have you ever wondered, what your Instagram feed looks like? No, not the extensively filtered feed, but the very core of your feed. What the hundreds of food pictures, or duck-faced selfies, or the exotic travel photos, say about you?

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Well, here's what it probably means.

1. The Serial Selfie Taker

Yes you, with all the different angles of your face, and your mouth contorted into different shapes– we're all jealous of how fabulous you look.

You probably take a 100 selfies, before you find the perfect, 'Instagrammable' one, don't deny it. And you probably try out a 100 filters, to get the ultimate picture.

But being the selfie fanatic, just means that you're confident. And what's wrong with being confident? You know you look good, you may be popular in real life, or you may just be having a really good, hair-day. You're liberated, and ready to experiment.

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But if you really want the attention, and want people to like your picture, you may just be fishing for compliments. While some selfie-takers might be confident, others may have a low self-esteem. You want to be liked and popular in real life.


A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on

2. The World Traveller

There's always that one account on Instagram, that makes you hate your life, with all their exotic travel pictures. Whether they're studying abroad, or constantly on a holiday, or their work revolves around travelling, either ways, you hate them.

If there are loads of landscape photos on your feed, it shows your satisfaction with life. You're at the point, when you can just say f*ck it, and enjoy your surroundings. And we envy you!

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But, it can also indicate the need for privacy, and contemplation. Photos of a trip, ignite the desire for you to be able to pause life, and wander off into oblivion. It can also re-kindle the feelings, and emotions that you experienced, while you were travelling.

Starring: One gorgeous sunset! Dubai’s orange winter sun :) @AlFanarRestaurant

A post shared by Parineeti Chopra (@parineetichopra) on

3. The Animal Lover

This is where the world divides – men tend to put a picture of a graceful cheetah as their profile picture, to appear bold and strong. Or pictures with their big, burly dog, to show how tough they are.

While women tend to post, and like pictures of cute kittens, puppies, tea-cup pigs. We bet your heart just melted at the thought of tea-cup pigs, don't lie.

These kind of pictures, show your sentimentality, and honestly, just your love for animals. You're playful, and you just want to show how cute your new pup is!

Th newest member of our family. Happy Birthday to me ✨

A post shared by Alia ✨⭐️ (@aliaabhatt) on

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4. The Gym Junkie

There are sooo many categories of gym junkies!

The one that honestly goes to the gym, every morning – They want to tell the world, that they're ready to tackle on anything. They're dedicated to fitness, and they want to inspire others to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They give us all the #MondayMotivation we need.

The one that posts a picture in the gym, so people THINK they're into fitness – We may be a little guilty of this. You fully mean the statement, when you say you're getting back in the gym. But, you might not end up returning back to it. Well, at least you tried.

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The biggest fraud of all – The one that ONLY goes to the gym to take a picture. And then leaves... yes people do that. They're the most narcissistic, obnoxious people of all. They make us feel bad for sitting on the couch, eating a bag of crisps, when they're probably doing the same thing.

Your turn now!Upload a video of you moving to #dadading & join the movement! #health #fitness #exercise #nike #justdoit

A post shared by Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) on

5. The Foodgasm Fan

Yes we all hate them, especially when we're desperately trying to get that beach body. But none of us can unfollow them! What is with these, food posters/ bloggers?

We want to see the latest food trend, we want to see melted chocolate oozing out of a sugary donut. People who post food pictures, know they work, know that they're going to be gaining followers super-fast, and it's an easy method to get Instagram famous.

It's also a desire to show people how good their life is, how necessary it is to show that, you're following a healthy lifestyle, and eating a Kale salad for lunch. Or how important it is for people to know that, you're in an expensive restaurant, eating ice-cream out of a coconut. It's an attempt at self-affirmation and social self-promotion.

If you are such a big foodie, why careful adjust the lighting, take a million pictures, and then dig in?

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Healthy start. #aciabowl

A post shared by Nargis Fakhri (@nargisfakhri) on

6. The Significant Other Show-Off

Some of us are single, and lonely, we don't constantly want to be reminded of your perfect relationship. We don't want to see what *bae* is doing, or how hot he is, or how romantic he is.

Sure, the occasional loved up picture is fine, and we're happy for you. Just don't remind us, every minute, of every day that we're single.

It's a way to tell the world that your relationship is strong and it's long-term. It's your way of saying, that you're loved, and appreciated. And that's adorable.

But it can also be a hidden need to prove something, maybe to get back at an ex?


A post shared by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) on

7. The One Who Really Likes To Throw It Back

This person posts photos from high-school, and college, from what they thought were their 'ugly' days, so they can show the world, how considerably prettier they are. Or you go wayyy back, and post a baby photo, because you know you were cute as a baby, and obviously, people need to see that. Your Instagram is full of the overused Throwback Thursday, hashtags.

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You want people to react to your pictures, with 'awws' or 'You're so much prettier now' comments. While sometimes, its your way of escaping the past, it can also be a way to relive the fond memories of the past. Especially if it's accompanied by a birthday post, for your baby brother.

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8. The Beauty Gurus

You want people to see your glam life, your make-up collection, and your dozens of new outfits. You've probably swatched all the Kylie Jenner lip-kits, and people need to see how the shades look.

To be fair, it's a huge help, it saves us actually buying expensive make-up, without knowing what they would look like.

This targets your self-esteem, and narcissistic side. You want people to know that you live an amazing life, and you want flattering comments. But it also shows your creative side and your artistic flair, with the perfectly framed photos of all the beauty products.

NUDESS !!!$$ left to right: Ginger, Maliboo, Exposed, Dolce, Candy!

A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

9. The Official Memes' Supplier

You love to laugh, and you love making people laugh. You're the kind that will tag your friends, in all the memes you can relate to. Your Instagram feed is the funniest.

But some of them are also the preachers of Instagram, or the Insta version of the Agony Aunt. You post meaningful quotes, either to pick yourself up, or hoping to motivate someone else. You come in with good intentions, but don't over-do it, because that just becomes obnoxious.

You're like the funny, advice giver of your friend group.

Story of my life 🙄

A post shared by Jacqueline Fernandez (@jacquelinef143) on

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