Women Are Covering Their Nipples With Male Ones on Instagram

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You may have noticed slightly odd collages of women with male nipples on Instagram, but it's not just a digital copy/paste fetish. Women are actually protesting Instagram's censorship law. Instagram is known to take down pictures/accounts that show female nipples; Rihanna's @badgalriri account being taken offline in 2014 being the biggest case in point.

More recently, model Chrissy Teigen too faced the Insta-police. Her topless photo from a shoot for W Magazine was repeatedly taken off by the site. Here's what she had to say:

Scout Willis too spoke out after facing a similar issue:

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Male nipples however, are free to roam instagram unabashedly. So, California-based artist Micol Hebron created a template of a male nipple, for women to place over theirs; to address the double standard. You can resize, cut and paste this viral picture on your own making them Insta-appropriate. Massive amounts of 'grammers are now using this to fight the confusing policy and #FreeTheNipple.

By Rijuta Agarwal

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