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#1 Morning people drive you mad. When someone is chipper on the ride to work at 9am and keeps asking you why you're "so quiet", it's all you can do not to punch them in their smiling mouth.

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#2 In college, your low attendance was less because of spur-of-the-moment class-cuts, and more because the idea of being out in the world at 8am seemed physically wrong.

#3 The words 'Let's meet for breakfast' have never been something you've entertained. You're down for a 4pm pancake fest, though!

Don't you come at me before 11!
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 #4 When someone rings you up to "chat" anytime before 10am, you unleash upon them a diatribe about how they must understand what a hectic life you lead, and how their lack of empathy towards other human beings breaks your heart.

#5 If some poor sod whose job starts at 9am calls you up for something work-related before 10am, you simply speak to him in a strangled tone and tell him to call later, promptly writing him off in your head as 'never-picking-up-ever-again'

Go. Away. SatanSpawn.

#6 The words "Guys, it's going to be a laaaaate night!" at work don't frighten you half as much as the words "We might have to come in an hour early tomorrow".

#7 You'd kill for a figure like a supermodel, but you wouldn't dream of hitting the gym in the a.m. Like literally, murderwould be preferable. Enthusiastic morning weight-pumping = no bueno.

I'd better get to nap after this...

 #8 It takes a minimum of two cups of coffee to getting your engines revved up—and only enough so you can smile weakly at people who are stringing together full sentences around you.

#9 You're more likely to be up at 6am then to wake up at 6am. 

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