1) When he had his priorities straight.

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2) When was posed with this moral dilemma and couldn't choose.

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3) When he showed just how to be an adult about things.

4) When he was prepared for anything and everything (be it a tiny woman's punches or #DelhiWinters)

5) When he shut down haters like:

6) ​When he was perfectly reasonable.

7) When he did the obvious thing you do when your fridge breaks.

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8) When he stood by his fashion choices (which were on point BTW)

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9) When he had enough of food delay.

10) When he had the same look we have when we look at chocolate.

11)When he woke up to see he was mermaid, and was OK with it.

12) When he ate his date's dessert and wasn't even sorry, because cake.

13) When he had this perfectly apt question about science.

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14) When he was absolutely reasonable about boundaries in a relationship.

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15) When he appreciated positive reaffirmation while learning.

16) When he couldn't understand why nobody would remember that pizza was bae.

17) When he had neutral feelings for Disney characters.

18) When he was careful about what you said in front of Hugsy, his stuffed penguin.

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