Meet the Girls Behind Pink Post Inc

With more than 70 major brands tied up with them, they're already doing several shows a year!

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When Mitali and Sharnamli started up Pink Post Inc, it was the first of its kind—a curated trunk show featuring the coolest designers, all under one roof! With names like Outhouse, Hemant & Nandita, Micheal Kors and Missoni being just some of the many, many brands they've partnered with, their idea was to create a day-long shopping experience that would let great designers be showcased on the regular. "It came from a desire to introduce fresh talent to a trend-conscious audience—one that was in it not just for the products, but for an entire experience. 

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Two years down the line, exhibitors and buyers both trust us to deliver—they know we've got the goods!" In fact, it was a concept so tantalising to try and copy that that's exactly what people did! "Well, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," they tell us, also adding that "though it's not like we didn't freak out when we saw spin-offs and knock-offs of our concept popping up all over the place!" But while there may be many imposters on the rise, it's pretty obvious Pink Post Inc. owns the territory. With over 70 major brands tied up with them, they're already doing several shows a year in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chandigarh (and soon, maybe even Dubai!) "We've seen it grow, and we really see it going places still," Mitali smiles.Meet the Girls Behind Pink Post Inc

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