1) Explaining to people that you actually WANT to stay inside and watch TV rather than go out. The struggle is very, very real.

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2) You've had people struggling to understand just how someone can like spending time watching a movie/ reading a book, on a night like New Year's eve."But...but..it's New Year's eve..." NO.

3) Ashton Kutcher from 'New Year's Eve' was your spirit animal until Rachel from Glee converted him. You were our last hope, Ashton, WHAT THE HELL, ASHTON!

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4)You have trouble understanding why someone would want to dress up and go out in the cold, when they can be inside, warm and with pizza <3.

5) You've had friends literally drag you out of your bed and into something semi decent (READ: Not SpongeBob pajamas) and out of the house. Traitors.

6) You've gone on long rants about how NYE is overrated and how you're making a statement by not participating in a tradition that media has popularized. In truth, you just want to sleep, statement shmakement pfft!

7) You've had people hyping you up about how it's the last evening of the year and how it should be spent doing something fun, failing to realize that your idea of fun is watching TV/ having a quiet evening in with your book.

8) Sometimes you have to give in and make *shudder* plans on NYE and you are in a state of absolute terror until the moment you have to leave for the party and then after that you're just waiting for it to be over so that you can be back home.

9) In the off chance that you do go out with someone (read #8) sometimes it is not the most unpleasant experience on the planet and you feel like you've achieved something, like cracked a  code or something, and you feel like now since it wasn't so bad you will now be a more 'fun' person and hang outside more. But then you come back home to your bed, and you're like NOPE.

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