An Alleged Rapist Was Pardoned After He Touched His Victim's Feet

The panchayat had declared that the rapist would be pardoned if he touched the victim's feet for forgiveness.

In a twisted turn of events, a local panchayat pardoned an alleged rapist because he touched the victim's feet in an act of asking for forgiveness.


The victim, who is a 30-year-old widow, was a worker at a levelling project in Meergunj in January, and was raped by a man named Rohtash, who was incharge of the workers. He had threatened her that he would kill her if she complained.

However, the survivor went and lodged a complaint in the Meergunj police station, where the constables allegedly refused to file her complaint and instead called the village pradhan. The pradhan arrived with the accused and called a panchayat that ordered the rapist to touch the victim's feet. The rapist was pardoned after that and the victim was told to not speak of the crime again.

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The matter has now been brought to the notice of the superintendent of police, who has reprimanded Meergunj's police and has made them lodge a complaint. He has also declared that, if the allegations were proven to be true, then strict action will be taken against the accused as well as the panchayat.

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