In our busy lives, there's so much to remember like whether or not we've put Arrow on recording, or have we forgotten to order pizza tonight (lies, we never forget pizza...ever), but basically we need reminders and post-its are our very own messiahs if they manage to stick on surfaces for long enough and not curl up and fall down or stick to our arms or clothes EVERY. TIME.

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BUT, as blogger Martin Schapendonk pointed out, this is because we've not been using them the right way!

It's all about the way you peel one off the pad!

What we're doing wrong is that we pull the note from the bottom towards the top, where the adhesive part is, and it curls the edge, making them fall off the surface easily.

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The right way, in fact, is to pull the note from left to right, so that the edge remains straight and it sticks for a longer time and actually do it's job for once!

So, there you go!

What do you think?