1) "You know Hogwarts is not real, right?" 

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2) "What is Peeves?"

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3) "The movies are so much better than the books..!" 

4) "So Harry, Hermione, and Ron are basically like Edward, Bella, and Jacob, right?" 

5) "Harry Potter is a rip-off of Lord of the Rings..." 

6) "So there are 8 books, right? 8 movies, so 8 books...?" 

7) Dobby was stupid.

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8) Snape was a hero. He deserved Lily more than James Potter.

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9) You're not a true HP fan until you've read the books..."

10) They could have found someone better than Daniel Radcliffe to Play Harry."

11) "I've never read the books. They look so boring and big..."

12) "J.K. Rowling is so over-rated."

13) "Quidditch looks stupid, why would you want to play that?"

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14) "Harry Potter is for children..."

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15) "Hermione and Harry should have ended up together..."

16) "Ron Weasley is stupid."

17) "Who cares about Lupin?"

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