This Comedian Talking About Getting to 'Marriageable Age' in India is HILARIOUS!

Cue the aunties and uncles singing 'beta shaadi kar lo'

Fact: Pretty much EVERY Indian post 21 has had the 'when are you getting married' song thrown at them at some point. As soon as a boy or girl enters their mid-twenties, society (especially those aunts and uncles!) starts discussing the person's plans to get married without really caring about whether they want to or not. Stand-up comedian Abhijit Ganguly's take on the issue is absolutely spot-on.

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This four minute video talks about the hilarious experiences people go through in this phase of life, and how a variety of aunts, uncles and parents gang up with each other to say 'beta shaadi kar lo!'

He also takes a dig at matrimonial websites, marriage bureaus— and holds a strong opinion that you need to be mentally prepared to get married, rather than setting your 'mid-twenties' as a deadline to settle down.

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