Some days, you want some Oscar-style film education. And some days, you want something you know won't triple your brain cell strength, but will sure as hell show you a rollicking good time. This is our happy-list for the latter kind of jammy-and-Oreos night.

​#10. The Family Stone

This comforting, family Christmas film with Sarah Jessica Parker, Dermot Mulrooney, Claire Danes and the inimitable Diane Keaton (amongst tonnes of other delightful actors) is the nicest kind of thing to sink into when you just want some screen happiness. Plus, the shenanigans that come with an uptight, city girl trying to find acceptance in her fiancee's easy-going family is a recipe for a laugh riot.

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#9. The Holiday

This house-exchange light comedy where English suburb girl Kate Winslet and routine ice-queen character-playing Cameron Diaz from Los Angeles trade lives for two weeks is easy and warm in it's narrative. Throw in Jude Law and Jack Black, and it's the perfect popcorn-companion.

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#8. Two-Night Stand

When two people who Tinder-meet (essentially), and find each other insufferable when they wake up the following morning, discover they've literally been trapped together by a headline-making snowstorm, you're basically saying 'cue the drama'. But it's interesting, non-taxing drama that leads to a series of interesting male vs female sexual revelations. 

#7. As Good As It Gets

It takes a lot for a film branded a 'chick-flick' to be Academy Award nominated, but this one is for a reason. Jack Nicholson as the neurotic oddball writer Melvin Udall, Helen Hunt as the crisp, strong and fantastic Carol Connelly and Greg Kinnear as the gentle and heart-breakingly sweet Simon Bishop, Melvin's gay neighbour are screen magic together. If you haven't already seen this one—NOW!

#6. Because I Said So

This film does the whole 'girl power' thing both comfortably, and without ever teetering on the brink of preachy. A family of four women, the film zeroes in on the too-close-too-much relationship between Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton's characters in the film, with Mandy dating two gorgeous men side by side—one her mother approves of, and one she doesn't. 

#5. Raising Helen

When Kate Hudson playing her signature, 'successful, sexy' self is suddenly saddled with her sister's children when she dies in a car accident with her husband, life gets topsy-turvy in an incredibly watchable fashion. Through in John Corbett as a pastor for maximum effect (you know him best for playing Carrie Bradshaw's the-one-that-got-away boyfriend, Aidan Shaw) and you have great movie night. 

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#4. The Other Woman

This film is the most interesting take on the whole 'oh-my-god-he's-married?!?' trope we see so often in films. Instead of being a passing, cheater ex, the cheater man becomes the centrifugal force that drives the film in a totally fresh way. Also, it's super fun, with ice-queen-typecast Cameron Diaz playing her ice-queen-typecast role to the T—with some Nicki Minaj thrown in for extra sass.

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#3. The Banger Sisters

This one is such classic fun! When a wild-and-crazy Goldie Hawn makes staid and stoic Susan Sarandon unleash her inner nutjob, you can be sure only good things will ensue. 

#2. Going the Distance

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long as the adorable, long-distance couple that you hope will beat the odds are the mainstay of this film. If nothing, it will renew your sense of faith in commitment—while realistically portraying the potholed ride to get to it.

#1. Midnight in Paris

Oh, this film! What pure magic it is! One of the rare situations you'll use the phrase 'Owen Wilson was FANTASTIC in that!', this film sees a man discontent with his time accidentally stumble into an another era—and the results are Paris in its most charming form, lovable and quirky characters, and a score that'll make you close your eyes and smile. 

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