Now that Powepuff Girls are back (yay!) and they're ready to take down sexism, one Manboy at a time!

No, for real!

The new villain in the series is called 'Manboy' representing all the misogynistic men in the world in one plaid wearing lumberjack, trapped in the body of a little boy!

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The new villain was the obvious choice, as show creators Nick Jennings and Bob Byle said in an interview with LA Times, "Manboy is a perfect kind of villain for us," said Jennings. "He's an old-thinking type of male character set into this modern-day world."

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The reason why this is important is that the show's target audience are children and with a villain like 'Manboy', they can come to associate misogyny and exaggerated masculine conventions as a society evil and still be comedic, because let's face it, they couldn't come up with a better name than 'Manboy'!

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