20 #TwentySomethingProblems Every Woman Knows Too Well

"It's too cold to be pretty..."

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If you've ever wondered if there's anyone out there who wants to drink, eat and nap as much as you do, you've found your soulmate in Bakchod Begum, a fabulous Facebook celebrity (these came before the Insta celeb was a thing) who's SO on-the-nose about the life issues of a 20-something girl, it's unbelievable.

Whether these make you muse, guffaw out loud, or smile as it comes to you later, these thoughts-for-the-day are pretty damn priceless regardless.

Because, life.
Gold dust = Nacho dust
Cultural Appropriation
Because we're worth it
The Purrrrfect Life
F*ck adulthood.
Welcome to the REALEST life hack in the book.
Invent this workout PRONTO please.
The bulkier the better
It ain't for you, you SOBs
If only...
The duality of personality strikes again.
Because, really, what other reason is there?
And I challenge you to find one.
Oh, the feels
*quickly patents idea*
The Sunday Blues
We've all been there...
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