​It has been reported that across the globe 1 in 3 women has experienced some sort of physical or mental abuse at some point of her life, but they often go unreported because of the fear of victimization associated with abuse in our society.

To combat this very thought, Lithuanian movement Women Speak have started the campaign #Supersheroes to portray these women as superheroes to applaud their bravery at exiting a  relationship that was abusive.

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Speaking to Hello Giggles, they said, "Instead of talking about women as victims, we wanted to portray them as #supersheroes. Our movement wanted to empower women who were brave enough to exit violent relationships."

They went to a safe center for abuse survivors and their children and spent about 2-3 months getting to know them and their stories and collaborated with them for this campaign to shine light on their liberation from abuse. At first the women were hesitant and wanted to wear masks during the photoshoot with photographer Neringa Rekasiute, but then gradually realized that they wanted to be without them.

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The results are stunning and powerful:

With this incredible campaign, Women Speak wants women to step forward and share their stories of bravery and liberation so that it can help other survivors, and women who are going through abuse of some kind, get the strength to break free. 

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