Life is different in your 20s—you're no longer a kid dependent on your family for every need, and are truly on your way to adulthood. 

You've likely developed your own point of view, you may be working, and are probably thinking (or worried) about what life has in store for you.  But while it's great to think about your future, don't forget to live (or rather rock) your life in 20s, and as many Internet quotes will tell you—enjoy the present! Here's just 13 things that you must strike off your bucket list before you turn 25!

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1. Go on a Solo Trip And Make New Friends

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It'll expose you to different types of cultures, people, landscapes, and obviously,  some amazing stories to share!

2. Learn to Cook At Least One Meal

You know, if you're sick, out of money or missing home-cooked food.

3. Spend Quality Time With Your Family

Because, seriously, it'll make you feel connected.

4. Fall in Love With Yourself

Get to your likes, dislikes, annoyances. What you want to do, what you don't want to do, and which ice-cream flavour rocks your world. Spend some alone time with yourself, and then fall in love with you—all the good and bad combined!

5. And Dump That Jerk Who Makes You Cry

Because, in the end, nothing is more important than your own happiness.

6. Start Saving and Managing Your Own Finances

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Set up an SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) and set yourself a financial goal. Speak to people who are good with money and get tips.

7. Experiment With Your Look

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Sport those bangs, chop your hair or colour them green/red/pink. This is the time to flaunt your personal style unabashedly. 

8. Know What Helps You to Relax After a Cr*p Day

Discover a passion—singing, painting, dancing, swimming, reading, writing...whatever helps you  forget about everything else.

9. Learn to Say 'No'

Because you can't please—or be there for—everyone, all the time.

10. Work Towards Getting Your Dream Job

YOLO! Work your a** off for what you really want. 

11. Live Alone

It'll teach you to be responsible and independent. But most importantly, it'll teach you to enjoy spending time with yourself.

12. Donate to Charity

Helping others? It's the best feeling in the world! Make it a habit!

13. Let Go

That school friend who bitched you out? How your mom didn't let you go to that college trip? Let go of all the bitter memories of bad relationship, fights, grudges, you know what we mean. 

What do you think?