How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Holiday

Bring in the sunshine and recreate the ultimate idyll with these ideas

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Modern Moroccan 

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Inject your outdoor space with colour and impact. Paint surrounding walls in a fuchsia pink, chuck on a vibrant botanical
print table cloth to reinvigorate the tired space, a couple of Moroccan
style cushions, a tropical plant here and there and you've been
instantly transported to warmer climes. 

Gorgeous Greek

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Nothing says tranquility like the Greek colour combo of blue and white.
Whether sprucing up your living room, bathroom or garden, the key to
this look is having very little on show. Clean and classic. 

Coordinating cushions and sophisticated soft furnishings are a must, a vibrant painted wall and a luxe side table will round off the look perfectly. (Pass us the cocktails). 

Bohemian Brooklyn

The boho look is versatile and can be as Moroccan or as City New Yorker as you like. Print is key and as Will Taylor suggests, consider the impact it has on the rest of the room. A statement wallpaper and rug like this mean the sofa and furniture can be relatively simple (to stop it giving us all headaches).

No one accessory should be the same and think blocks of vibrant
colour - we love the mix of mustard, bright pink, red and green. It's a
great way to create an eclectic space which feels warm, inviting and
personal to you.

Soothing Safari

A safari themed bedroom? We know what you're thinking, tacky, ville. But it can look ultra stylish. 

Start with an all-white theme for sophistication and the only nod to
'safari' you need is with blue patterned bedding (the more layers of
comfort possible, the better. We're going for a fancy boutique hotel in
Tanzania look here). A white washed headboard, woven accessories and a pop of grey for contrast. Very cool. 


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