So we asked you on Instagram what the funniest thing your mom says was, and curated the best of all your answers. PS: All your moms sound WAY cool!

#1. suruchi_here : "Money doesn't grown on trees!

#2. pinkswirlgirll "You can't do something THIS simple? You can't be my child!" 

#3. aashnamalanii My mom: "How does this look?" 

Me: "You should probably wear heels with that, flats don't work with it."

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My mom: "If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it."

#4. aashnamalanii My mom: "Our neighbours, the Sharmas? Their daughter got a 100% in her math paper" 

Me:  "But my best friend only got 60% and I got 75....'

My mom: "I don't care about what 'everyone' is doing, I care about what YOU are doing!"

#5. mansi_6 "Do you run a business on your phone? All day you keep going 'tic tic tic'. Shall I have the Wifi cut?"

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#6. tiwaripreety​: "Where were you when God was handing out brains?"

#7. tripti_2​: "I'm going to BURN that phone of yours!"

#8.  mansi_6​: Me: "Ma, I have to go out tomorrow. It's my best friends birthday."

My Mom: Who is this best friend? I've never heard of her? What is this party. There's a party every day with you. Your parties never finish. 

#9. titikshyaneura73​ "You're wearing that? Don't wear that."

#10. varsha.sanguri31​: "Do you have a boyfriend? You can tell me, you know..."

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