Watch This Indian Female Rap-tivist Call Out the US Goverment

She simultaneously takes down DOW and the White House.

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Say hello to Sofia Ashraf again. After dropping a viral rap video Anaconda-backed Unilever diss track. The artist put out a new video which is equally political and this time, it's DOW Chemical Company and the US government at the receiving end. 

Its a three- minute track, titled A Toxic Rap Battle, call on DOW to take legal responsibility for the 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy, which witnessed the death of 30,000 Indians from a lethal gas leak. despite the enormity of the incident, the chemical Company has managed to evade justice for 32 years. The US Department of justice has also refused to serve a court notice in that time. 

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In the video, Ashraf simulates a rap battle between Dow and the people of Bhopal, with the rapper herself, taking on both the role"This ain't roadkill / death's still taking it's toll," she accuses. "The field's a mess and meals are less / and nevertheless you don't seem to care."

She also talks about the fallouts of the disaster, which saw an approximate 1,50,000 people suffering for the exposure-related health effect; including cancer, mental illness, neurological issue etc. "The worst effects are the birth defects," she raps, "that still affects even the third generation."

Its time to sign the petition calling out DOW to take accountability for the tragedy here.

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