We all know that tummy fat can be really hard to get rid of. While regular exercise and a good diet can help you burn those extra calories, why sweat it out when you can try these super-simple yoga poses to flaunt a flatter belly.

​1. Boat Pose ​(Naukasana)

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​Naukasana ​is a great yoga pose for toning abs and improving digestion. ​It focuses on strengthening  the back and leg muscles and cuts down the flab around your waist.

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2. Cobra Pose ​(Bhujang asana)

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​Bhujang asana ​ strengthens abdominal muscles and reduces belly flab. It also firms and tones your butt and fixes irregular periods.

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3. Bow Pose ​(Dhanurasana)

​Dhanurasana ​strengthens and tightens core abdominal muscles. The bow pose isn't just  great for toning those abs, it boosts digestion as a bonus!​ 

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4. Seated Forward Bend ​(Paschimottanasana)

Paschimottanasana​ massages and tones your abdomen and pelvic region. Plus, it fights digestion issues and cuts down the extra flab around your tum.

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5. Bridge Pose ​(Setu Bandh Sarvangasana)

​Setu bandh sarvangasana ​strengthens your butt and abdominal muscles while improving digestion too.

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