#1. Okay, this one is too baller to handle. 

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#2. Not only is this incredibly witty, it has the added benefit of making you want breakfast at all times of day. Not baked beans, though. 

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#3. Because, truly, what shows the impact of a world crisis more than how much you pay for a Big Mac?

#4. Escape strategy: Loaded. Aim, gun, fire. 

#5. The trending breakfast food of the nation...

#6. Okay, we're not a hundred percent sure how offensive this is, but YES.

#7. We love literal illustrations and we cannot lie.

#8. There's no way this one didn't make you grin-cringe. Gringe? Coining it. 

#9. Because the world is OFFICIALLY ready for the movie version

#10. Going, going, going once...going twice...

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