This Excited Dog Thought He'd Made Some New Friends, Until…

We can feel his confusion!

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As domesticated as our dogs might be, they
still have to navigate some of our human objects and behaviours. Take
the TV, for example – humans watching other humans who live inside a
box? How odd.

And what about mirrors? A very strange, reflective surface into which humans stare are someone who looks exactly like them...

this is the dilemma that one golden retriever recently had to face and
his adorable reaction has gone viral. In fact, 2.2 million people have
been giggling over his confusion. 

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retriever is caught on camera in a room with two mirrored walls which,
to the non-the-wiser pup, presents him with three new friends to play

bounds around the mirrors, excited over his new found companions, but
can't quite figure out why his new friends are moving and barking in
exactly the same way as him.

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They are, of course, his reflections. Watch the video for yourself...

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Of the two million plus viewers, many have commented on the video to share their feelings towards the confused pup.

Facebook user, Elizabeth Ibarra, said, 'Aww so cute and sad. He thinks they are his friends. When it's just really him.'

Where as Stell Mary thinks this a great solution - 'This is how you keep a dog amused all day while you're not at home.'

certainly can't blame this poor pup for being mistaken. We're just glad
we don't have to explain to him that millions of humans have watched
him on the internet from all over the world. After all, the internet
still baffles us!


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