6 of the Biggest Cooking Mistakes You Could be Making in the Kitchen

Don't worry — there's an easy fix for each one.

Restaurant chefs have years and years of training, so they definitely
know a thing or two when it comes to navigating a kitchen. A Reddit user
recently turned to the social platform to ask "Chefs of Reddit, what mistake are we laypeople all making in the kitchen?" He received over 2,000 comments — here's what we think are the seven best tips for home cooks.

1. You're over-seasoning your meals.

happens — you go overboard on one ingredient, and the resulting recipe
suffers. Luckily, there are ways to fix that. If it's too spicy, sugar
or butter should help the situation. Too sweet? Add lemon juice. Dish
tasting off? Add a touch of salt.

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2. You're putting sauce on fully-cooked pasta.

To make your pasta dish extra
flavourful, boil pasta until it's about 90 percent cooked and remove it
from the pot, reserving a cup of the water it was cooked in. Then add
your pasta to a separate pan with your sauce and pour in a little of the
reserved water.

3. You're measuring ingredients during the cooking process.

This may seem obvious, but chopping
ingredients and measuring spices ahead of time will result in
less-stressful cooking experience and better overall results.

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It won't work, ever. The key is to
smother the fire, which you can do with baking soda or salt. If you
don't have either of those items on hand, simply turn off the heat and
put the lid back on.

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