Sexual Assault Survivors In India Share Their Stories With Snapchat Filters

An amazing thing is happening here...


Snapchat filters generally only make the news when they create a slut-shaming, blackface or whitewashing scandal, but in India face-mapping technology is being used in a very smart and honourable way. 

Sharing stories of sexual assault, especially in a country like India where sexual assaults go unreported, can be traumatic: people fear the fall-out from speaking out and the stigma attached to it.

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While dog-ears and dragon masks may seem flippant, Yusuf Omar, the mobile editor at Hindustan Times found a much more serious use for it. He told "Recording with a mask gave them the sense of legitimacy and security that I wasn't going to be able to show their face, as opposed to trusting a journalist saying 'Yes, we will blur you afterwards' so they felt empowered and in control of the narrative."

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 "Stigma around sexual violence is such a big issue, especially in India where women are frequently accused of lying, and now you get to see a young woman tell her story for herself, but with all of her emotions," Omar explained. 

In India, rape is the fourth most common crime, and sexual assault occurs every 22 minutes (!)

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