5 Expert Tips for Perfect Wedding Photos

Are you ready for your close-up?

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When it comes to capturing
memories from your big day, photographs play a crucial part. The
wedding photographer Philippa Sian from Philippa Sian Photography shares her top five tips for getting the perfect pictures.

1. Choose the right photographer for you

are a number of different options to consider before investing in a
photographer. Is there a certain look you prefer? Do you know the
difference between a film and digital camera, or documentary vs.
contemporary style? Once you've narrowed your choices down, meet with
your potential photographer to see if you think you'll get on and feel
comfortable. The more relaxed you are around them, the more confident
you'll be in front of the camera on your wedding day.

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2. Scout out your venue

you've got your venue booked, visiting it before your big day is
essential. If possible, go with your stylist and photographer, who can
help to plan your photos. For example, the space may tell you the
'normal place' to put the wedding cake is in the corner of the room.
However, your stylist might find a beautiful spot that will work better.

is always good to have your photographer on hand because they can
assess the light. You may be planning a gorgeous, floral wall display,
but if it is in the wrong place it won't photograph well. Your
photographer will also be able to recommend areas for indoor group shots
if it rains, or scout out the perfect position for your couple
portraits. All of this preparation will help to get you the best

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3. Do a practise run

engagement or pre-wedding shoot is a foolproof way to make sure
your photographs are perfect. The practise sessions will allow you to
relax, feel confident and eliminate any nerves you have about posing for
the camera. It can feel daunting but it is really fun.

4. Get photo-ready

your wedding pictures are taken, it's important to understand the
re-touching process. The odd blemish will of course be removed, but
photographers won't wipe out under-eye bags or try to make skin look
brighter and fresher; this only makes for unnatural photographs.

your beauty regime in the lead-up to your wedding will mean you will
look your best on the day, and your skin will photograph beautifully.
There are lots of fantastic products out there, and these simple tricks
will mean you're on the way to being 'photograph ready': get enough sleep in the week running up to your wedding – ensure you aren't up late creating last-minute table plans.
Drink plenty of water to make your skin glow and look clearer. Do not
self-tan the night before – any mistakes will show up in your
photographs. If you do want to feel a little bronzed, have a
professional trial done in advance to make sure the colour and coverage
is to standard. Once you are happy, have your tan applied two days
before your wedding.

5. Keep things tidy

morning of your wedding is such a special time. It's always easy for
the space you are in to get messy very quickly. A photographer won't
Photoshop out plastic bags or an unmade bed, so ask your bridesmaids to
keep on top of keeping the room presentable throughout the morning.
Gather all your personal items for your photographer in advance. He or
she will use some of the time to capture details like your jewellery,
garter, perfume and stationery. Make them aware of anything special you
want included to ensure nothing is missed.


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