​1. Find a workout partner

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Every task is easier when you have your buddies rooting for you. Find someone to go running and to gym with. Make working out more fun.

2. Update your playlist with new songs 

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Whether you're going for a run, or to the gym, workout playlists are always a must. Studies have shown that
energising music can boost your performance, and keep you motivated. 

3. Plan your looks for the gym beforehand 

Looking good is the key to feeling good. Having a befitting workout wardrobe will push you to hit the gym and kick some a*s. Picking what you're going to wear for your workout the night before will also save you from all the fuss early in the morning. 

4. Hit the sack early

Getting 6-8 hours of sleep is a major part of the success of your morning workout. A good night's sleep will pump you up to attack your workout like a boss.

5. Take a shower in the morning

Bathing with cold water rejuvenates your body and gets you
started for the day. Plus, there's absolutely no better wake up call than an icy spray straight in the face.

6. Set yourself a target

Make a plan of what you want to do in the next few weeks (or months) to achieve your goal weight. This will help you keep
track of your progress and show you how far
you've come.

7. Have a cheat day

If you've been working out consistently every day, you deserve a reward for all the hard
work! Give yourself that one day to gorge on ice creams and cheese burgers, guilt-free!

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