How many screens have you
looked at so far today? Two or three is the most likely answer. Your
iPhone, your computer screen and perhaps a tablet. While it's long been
known that screens don't help your eyes, what is becoming more talked
about is the effect they're having on your skin. 

years you've been slathering on sun creams to protect against harmful
UV rays from the sun, but there is another light that could be equally
as ageing. Bazaar spoke to the pioneering skin expert and cosmetic doctor, Jean-Louis Sebagh about the topic… 

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Why are screens harmful to your skin?

including your smart phone, laptop and tablet emit High Energy Visible
Light (HEV), which is the natural source of blue light," explains Dr
Sebagh. Excessive exposure to HEV light can increase pigmentation and
damage the barrier function of your skin, which is responsible for
defending against environmental aggressors and locking moisture in. 

Is it more damaging than sunlight? 

northern climates, you have less exposure to UVA and UVB and more blue
light, so it is important to protect against HEV light as, research has
shown that over time this can accelerate photo ageing of the skin," says
Dr Sebagh.  

How can you defend against it?

While a
lengthy digital detox might not be possible for everyone, the best
approach is to limit the time you spend looking at a screen. Putting a
9pm curfew on your phone and tablet can help though, and it's likely to
give you a better night's sleep too. Fortunately, there are other
methods of defending your skin against HEV light.. 


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