13 Genius Ways to Ignore 1000+ Calories From Your Diet Every Day!

Small changes, BIG difference!

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1. Eat Plain Yogurt:

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Fruit-flavored yogurt is no good when you're trying to lose weight. So make sure you opt for a yogurt that's plain and devoid of any artificial flavours. Top off your plain cup with some oats and nuts to make it a protein-rich dose of complex carbs.

2. Eat More Lettuce With Your Burger:

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An average burger has 130 calories. And one lettuce leaf can save you 126 calories and 23 grams of carbs. Need we say more?

3. Blot Your Pizza:

Dabbing the oil from the surface of your slice with a paper napkin can wipe away 50 calories compared to a non-dabbed one. This way you save up to 200 calories while having four slices of pizza.

4. Change the Way You Eat Meat:

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Use sea salt for meals that involve meat and heat it for an hour at room temperature before cooking it. The salt will draw out the juices of the cut and tenderize the protein, making it easier for you digestive system to absorb it.

5. Drink Black Coffee:

Combination of cream, sugar, and syrups can contain as many as 600 calories. Ordering a cup of black coffee – which only contains 5 calories is a wiser option when you are craving a caffeine boost. You can save up to 70 calories JUST by leaving whipped cream off your cup.

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6. Eat Small Meals Throughout the Day:

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Not an advice that you haven't heard before but this control over your eating habit can save you hundreds of calories.

7. Cook Using a Non-Stick Pan:

When you fry an egg in a nonstick pan, you save more than 50 calories that come in half a tablespoon of butter.

8. Have Half of Your Meals Packed:

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You save a cool 800 calories by simply asking your waiter to box up half the meal instead of trying to finish it off in the restaurant itself.

9. Eat in Silence:

A research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that people who eat in distraction, consume up to 290 calories more per meal than they would otherwise.

10. Use Cinnamon Instead of Sugar in Your Meals:

Cinnamon has belly busting ingredients. Using spices like cinnamon instead of excessive amounts of unnecessary sugar is a great way to achieve flavour barring extra calories. For example, instead of the two 50-calorie tablespoons of sugar you add to your morning oats, add a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon to save 80 calories.

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11. Eat in Smaller Plates:

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As per a study by Eat This, Not That!, eating your meals in a 10 inch plate instead of a 12 inch one makes you eat 20% less. The study also found out that this tip won't make you feel any less full.

12. Get 6-8 Hours of Sleep Every Night:

Lack of sleep can lead to increase in appetite, irregular cravings for high-calorie foods and low enthusiasm. Getting a good night's sleep helps you burn more calories.

13. Workout Before Breakfast:

According to a Japanese study, you burn about 290 more calories throughout the day compared to doing the same workout in the evening when you exercise before the morning meal.

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