12 Signs He's a Little TOO Metrosexual for Your Good

Is he just a little too girlie? Okay, a lot...

  • 1.  You confront him about his highlights, and he swears it was the work of the sun.

  • 2. When he has a pimple, he cancels your plans to go out and asks if you'll just spend a quiet evening in.

  • 3. He has a breed of dog that starts with the word teacup or toy.

  • 4. These words have actually exited his mouth: "Shoot, I chipped a nail."

  • 5. You both frequent the department store skincare counter for free samples.

  • 6. Pre-date preparations? You have to wait for him to get ready.

  • 7. He visits the beauty salon twice as many times as you do.

  • 8. Moisturiser and cologne are stashed in his desk drawers at work. And when you checked his car dashboard, you found two bottles of hair gel.

  • 9. You notice he's not himself, and he admits to feeling guilty for bingeing on a tub of ice-cream last night.

  • 10. He has a tonne of self-help books lying on his bedside table. Including one titled, 'Find Your Inner Goddess'.            

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