​How Couples Only Seem to Meet In the Most Dramatic Fashion

Unlike in movies, you totally can meet your future partner in the most regular way ever, but the silver screen world may trick you in to believing that your love story is not special enough until you meet your mister in an extraordinary way. Like, 'I was on a solo trip to Paris, right in the front of the Eiffel Tower, when it began pouring, and guess who showed up holding an umbrella?! My soul mate!' 

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Yep, that's a cool story to read and watch but ask other couples about their story, and you'll find that most have met each other in ordinary ways—that has led to an extraordinary love. Don't give up on something just because it didn't come to you in a cinematic way.

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How Fictional Families Ignore Even The Most Bizarre Stuff

The guy in the movie is an ex-con who had murdered 10 people, falls in love with the beautiful girl, her parents disapprove at first but they get over it soon enough, welcome him to the family, and get them married. In real life, a dude with a dodgy past is a major red flag! Remember that the next time you compare your real life problems to what's happened in a movie scene. Your parents may just dislike your boyfriend because they see him treating you badly, or think you'd be better off with someone more stable.

How The Couple Takes Things to Next Level

The average couple in movies sees each other, falls in love (madly, of course), and more often than not, their relationship is one filled with rainbows and unicorns. But here's the deal: real relationships take work, and often come with moments of happiness balanced with frustration and pain. And while things in real life aren't always perfect, they're real. So the next time your partner wants some time and understanding before they take it to the next level, allow it to happen. And stay calm even if everything doesn't fall into place at once.

False Hope About Happy Endings

If, like the average girl, you've had your fair share of romantic involvements, then you'll know that not every relationship will not give you beautiful memories and reasons to smile. In movies, though, most love stories end happily ever after. The thing is, until you meet The One, you will go through a series of failed relationships. And, sometimes, even after you meet The One, there'll be problems—you'll find, he may not totally 'get' you, and he likely won't indulge in grand romantic gestures. Knowing that your partner is also human, with good and bad sides, will help you keep things in perspective.

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