Feeling bored in the bedroom? You're not the only one. Loss of libido or a dwindling sex life affects one in five men and even more women, according to the NHS

whilst it can be attributed to various factors such as stress,
pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding, if the problem persists, it can
put a great deal of strain on your relationship, not to mention your stress levels. 

in Britain, Europe and America, involving thousands of women of all
ages, have shown that anything between 30 and 50 per cent of women have
experienced prolonged periods of little or no sex drive. 

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Talking to the Express, Dr Sarah Brewer said that the main cause was down to stress. 

'When stressed, women produce a hormone called prolactin, or 'the celibacy hormone.

is the same hormone produced when breastfeeding to reduce the risk of a
further pregnancy too soon after birth, by significantly lowering
libido.' she said.

But there could be a way to boost your burnt out buzz with one simple ingredient.

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The red reishi mushroom has been used for centuries to naturally
increase libido and fertility, but it's now also been linked to
decreasing stress too, so it could work to kill two birds with one

Dr Yumin of Shanghai University of Traditional Medicine spoke to the Express, about how effective natural libido boosters can have on the body.

He said the red reishi mushroom, is 'renowned for helping with sexual function, increased libido and fertility'.

The mushrooms are harvested at their peak maturity to maximise their phytonutrient levels. 

Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert praised the magical mushroom as also a natural means to reduce stress levels. 

'Taking red reishi for a consistent period of time will help improve
your immune system's health and capabilities at dealing with the stress
placed upon us.' she said.

De-stress and have more sex? Sounds pretty good to us! 

Not only that, studies
have also shown that the reishi mushroom is enriched with anti-cancer
properties, it helps to regenerate your liver and can also help you live
longer too. 

You can buy red reishi in powder form and have it in
tea or you can buy as supplements from leading health stores. Will you
be giving them a go? 


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