The Cheap, Easy, Super Cool Present Every Guy Will LOVE!

This gift idea will impress your boyfriend, guy friend, boss, uncle...

So you've already got him all the gadgets and shoes and
shirts he could fit into his closet...what next? A totally cool, customised
beer box! It's a neat gift because, one, all guys love a cool, new beer to brag
about; two, it's such a creative, thoughtful idea; and three, it won't cost the
Earth. To execute, buy 4-6 bottles of beer from different countries, and place
in a decorated box with a love note of your choice. Done! Cosmo recommends:
Hoegaarden and Leffe Blond from Belgium, Asahi from Japan, Amstel and Heineken
from the Netherlands, and Rebel Yell from the US.           

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