A Grandma, a Teen, and a 20-Year-Old Answer Your Biggest Love Questions

And their advice is better than you'd imagine!

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Got a relationship issue and the bestie has no more answers? We got three generations of women to play agony aunt for you—some of their answers may surprise you! 

The Grandma: Meherangez Mistry, 65, Home maker

The Teenager: Nikhita Arora, 18, Student

The 20-something: Malvika Chand, 27, Radio Show Producer

LOVE QUESTION 1: I'd like to meet new men, but don't know how to approach them without coming across as desperate.

Meherangez: "Go out with your friends, and don't feel shy to join conversations with new people. Read the newspaper headlines in the morning, as they could be a good conversation starters."

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Nikhita: "Approaching people with the hope of a possible romantic future will make you awkward. Instead, focus on making new friends and see how that goes."

Malvika: "Firstly, take out the gender barrier from your head. Meet every new guy like you'd meet your girlfriends—in an honest, confident, and fun way. That will ease the pressure."

LOVE QUESTION 2: I'm dating a younger guy and keep feeling weird about it...

Meherangez: "There is nothing wrong with dating a younger guy. But do ask yourself some important questions: Is he serious about the relationship? Does he take care of you? And most importantly, is he committed?"

Nikhita: "It's fine to date someone younger. It's not age that matters but how maturely he handles the relationship."

Malvika: "Age is the last thing that should bother you! It's all about how much fun, craziness and love you can manage together."

LOVE QUESTION 3: I broke up with my boyfriend because he was moving to another city, and we both thought we couldn't manage a LDR. But now I miss him. What should I do?

Meherangez: "Go out with other friends and then see. Do you miss him out of habit? Give yourself some time before you decide."

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Nikhita: "Living in different cities might not always be a bad thing. Yes, you don't get to meet as often, but other than that you have so many ways to communicate, like Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. If you're not in the same city, you also end up giving each other some space, which is often required to make a relationship work. So it might just strengthen your bond."

Malvika: "Long distance is the toughest test for a relationship, ever! You may miss your boyfriend because you are used to him being around, so give it some more time. And if you really want to be with him, mentally prepare yourself for some trying times and know that when you come out of this phase triumphant, it will be the strongest bond ever."

LOVE QUESTION 4: I'm in a rather cliché situation—my parents don't like my boyfriend and don't want me to be with him. How can I make them see what a great guy he is?

Meherangez: "Don't forget that your family has brought you up, so they may have very real reasons for not liking him. Talk to them and explain that you would like them to get to know your boyfriend because their lack of support is dampening your happiness."

Nikhita: "Since your parents have gone through this phase of life they might be right. But 'might' is the word to focus on here. Sit them down and ask them what it is about your boyfriend that they don't like, and try reasoning it out with them. Also, talk to your boyfriend about the things that are bothering your parents. Then take an informed decision."

Malvika: "All parents think their daughters deserve Prince Charming, and the key to handling parents with boyfriends is time and patience. Let them get used to your man and with time they will get to know him better."

LOVE QUESTION 5: I broke up with my boyfriend because I found out he was cheating on me. Now, after three months, he is begging for forgiveness. Should I take him back? 

Meherangez: "No! Forget about him. Remember, this crack will always be there and may come back to haunt you if the relationship sours in any way."

Nikhita: "If he cheated on you once, he could do it again. So getting back with him shouldn't be an option. Remember, even if you take him back, you'll always have trust issues. So, no!"

Malvika: "There is no such thing as right and wrong here. If you really want to be with him, despite what happened, then that would be the right thing to do! There's no joy in doing what is supposedly 'right', while you're feeling all miserable and sorry inside!"

LOVE QUESTION 6: I've been talking to a guy who is seeing someone else. Though he never says nice things about her, I feel guilty...

Meherangez: "Avoid him! If he can speak ill about his current partner, then he's not a good guy."

Nikhita: "You're just talking to him! You shouldn't feel responsible for whatever it is that's happening between him and his girlfriend. He's a friend and you like talking to him. So keep doing that!"

Malvika: "Love is all about taking chances, so if you like him, go for it and stop worrying."

LOVE QUESTION 7: I think my best friend is falling for me. I don't like him like that, but don't want to lose him...

Meherangez: "Explain that you like him as a friend but don't have any romantic feelings towards him. Be honest and firm."

Nikhita: "If he is your best friend, he will understand. Dating someone even though you don't like them is unfair to both him and you. And if it doesn't work out, it'll still make things awkward. Do what you really want to do and not something that you think you are supposed to do."

Malvika: "It will be tough for him, but you have to tell him upfront that you don't feel the same way. Yes, he may be upset for a while, but eventually, he'll get over it."            

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