1. Spit it out: If you're still angry, say something. "It'll come out eventually," says psychologist Deborah Cox, Ph.D. Just flag the issue with your honey for a future discussion, when you are both refreshed. "By setting up an appointment to discuss it at a later date, you'll feel better," she says.

2. Change the context: To bust out of a post-fight funk, leave the area where you fought, together. "Arguing can leave you feeling negative, so by changing location or activity, you're reminded that you really do enjoy each other," says Cox. So, if you fought over dinner, take a stroll, or catch a movie.

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3. Redirect your adrenaline: You may need to blow off some steam. You can do this together—make-up sex, anyone? "It's a powerful way to reconnect," says Arthur Stein, Ph.D, a psychologist in New York City. Or, do the inverse and take some space. "Your problems won't go away, but it will clear your mind," says Cox. 

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