The 7 Commandments of Being Friends with Benefits

Despite its endless perks, it can get a little tricky.

A friend with benefits is a no strings
attached, cute buddy of yours who is eager to ravish you behind closed
doors but still hold your hand on the days when thoughts of your ex make
you feel blue! It's the perfect arrangement for the girl who is in
between relationships and wants some familiar fun without the pressure. 

Despite its endless perks, it can get a little tricky especially if one
party catches feelings so here are seven commandments to ensure you
enjoy this little tryst and still stay lifelong friends with your FWB,
long after you close the chapter:

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1) Thou shall be honest about relationship goals. There
are strict lines separating the friendzone, FWBs and a meaningful
relationship. Hoping that one will transition into the other is a recipe
for disaster, be honest about what you really want.

2) Thou shall not be territorial. FWBs are never exclusive! It is an open relationship so if you can't deal don't play!

3) Thou shall keep it a secret. No
suspicious pics on social media, no throwing shade or sending subs. The
world should not have even a whiff of what happens after hours.

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4) Thou shall stay protected. Protect
your heart from catching feelings, take a break if you have to and go
on dates with other people to diffuse any build-up of emotions and of
course, protect your body- you don't want a lifelong doctor's
appointment as a souvenir.

5) Thou shall not exempt thyself from finding a mate. This
is a temporary arrangement and your buddy knows that even more than you
so if you opt out of dating to focus on a FWB, you might get a rude
shock when he introduces you to bae!

6) Thou shall not make a BFF thy FWB. Sometimes
FWBs make it on the 'hated Ex list' especially when one party's love is
scorned. Losing an FWB sucks but not half as much as losing your BFF!

7) Thou shall not be FWB with someone who is in a committed relationship. If he has a wife, girlfriend or involved baby mama then he isn't FWB material!

a friendship with benefits can be most liberating if you follow these 7
commandments. Feel free to cut the ties without remorse, at any point
in time if there is a breach of contract!

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