10 Things You Should NOT Do When You Meet a New Man

Wonder why after a guy has shown interest in you and after 2/3 dates he disappears? Here's why...

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Once again Joro Olumofin is sharing
words of wisdom...have you ever been in a situation where you go on a
couple of dates with a guy and he disappears? These could be the reasons

1) Don't take your friends
along when he invites you on a date:
For some
reason that is beyond me, some ladies take their friends on a date with a guy they
just met. I can attest to this because it has happened to me before. No
positive outcome can come out of this but some of the negatives are: (i)
The guy will be turned off (ii) He may start liking or prefer one for
your friends to you (iii) He will never get the opportunity to know you
as much as he wants because of the 3rd wheel (iv) He may think you don't
have a mind of your own (v) He may turn you and your friends back

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(2) Don't
go to his house unannounced:
One thing a man hates the most is for you
to show up at his house unannounced or invited especially when he just
met you. That's a "NO NO" because he'll just think you're a stalker or a
psycho and he'll act out.. Some ladies out of emotions and lack of
trust show up at a guys house, what they don't know is they are pushing
him away or giving him reasons to leave

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(3) Don't ask him for Money: Some Ladies meet a guy and in less than
2/3 weeks the demands start rolling in. Please pay for my Brazilian
hair, buy me birkin / Chanel bag for my birthday next week, my rent is
due, or plain & simply, I need 500k or 1 million. Most guys would
take off when they meet a Lady like this. They would say she's
opportunistic and compare her to the ladies who are not asking them for a
kobo or dime.

(4) Don't compare him to your ex or talk about your
ex, only if he requests:
Some Ladies compare and contrast their new guy
to their old one, not only in their mind but to his face as well. They
say things like my Ladi used to take me to KFC you're taking me to Mr
Biggs, Jide bought me Prada for my birthday last year you're buying me
Zara? . Guys hate being compared, it punctures their Ego so allow him be
the Boss and take you out, don't compare or dictate terms of dates or

(5) Don't be to quick to upload his pictures on Instagram,
Facebook, Twitter (Social Media):
Ladies, you just met a guy, a new
flame, the relationship is at its early stages, there's still so much
you don't know about him why upload his pictures for the world to see?
The relationship may not even be defined yet.. By doing this, you're
giving people room to influence and alter your infant relationship. Also
you don't want to be like those people who have to cleanse their
instagram and Facebook pages of a guys picture every 6 months because of
a breakup. Some ladies have a new boyfriend on Instagram every 3 weeks,
after a heartbreak they delete old pictures and add new ones.

(6) Don't
wear see through or exposing outfits on your first date:
Guys are very
Impulsive and instinctive by nature, by wearing a dress or gown that's
says "SEX" that's all that will be on his mind and nothing else. He
won't want to hear anything about you anymore; your personality, your
job, your family etc. All he'll be thinking about is how he'll take you
to his house or hotel room because you've sent him a signal saying you
want sex.

(7) Don't bore him with your Family issues: Some ladies
carry their personal or family problems out with them on dates, instead
of making waves and progress with their new guy, they talk about how
their house got burnt last week, or how their friend always borrows
money or clothes from them, or how they hate their sisters or brothers..
All these are TMI (Too Much Information) Focus on him and let him Focus
on you.. Don't allow extraneous variables creep in and take over your

(8) Don't talk about marriage or the future: The
number one thing guys are scared of after God is the "C" or "M" word.
"Commitment or Marriage" so if you just met a guy and you're already
talking about marriage or children he is definitely going to take off
and say you're putting him under pressure and he can't keep up.. Let him
be the one to bring it up not you because he'll say you're desperate.

(9) Don't
pry about his pocket, earnings or the car he drives: A friend of mine
went on a Blind Date at Radisson (Lagos) to meet a Lady who his cousin
had introduced him to through Instagram. He complained he had not even
ordered a drink when his date asked him: What car do you drive? That was
her first question.. "What do you drive?" He said he wondered do you
want to date me? Or date my car? Most guys would be offended by this and
even have a negative impression about you immediately, because a guy
would wonder do u like me or my car?. Focus on him, his future plans etc

(10) Don't
get drunk on your first outing with him: Firstly Ladies, this is for
your own safety a lot of ladies have been taken advantage of because
they were intoxicated. You also don't want to embarrass yourself and say
or do things that you can't defend or verify.

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