11 Signs You Should Be Dating Your Best Friend



#1. When you need a shoulder to cry on, he's the neck-nook you're looking for

Because, really, it'll make your SO jealous at some point, anyway.

#2. Because he always knows the right things to say.

Whether it's advice on what to do about a bad work sitch, or just on how deal with your mum driving your mental—he knows what you want (or sometimes, need) to hear

#3. He's seen you at your worst

Because who deals with your blubbery-est, snottiest self better than your bestie?

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#4. The likelihood is that you probably get each other's jokes

And trust us, that's a rare find. There's nothing sadder than a Seinfeld reference that gooes uncomprehended.

#5. You can be refreshingly honest with each other

Read: You won't have to lie and eat Mexican when you want pizza, because you just veto their restaurant choices. That's just how friends roll.

#6. They already know all the important things about you.

As Rachel once said said to Ross. "There'll be no surprises—no, like, 'WHOA! What's that?!'"

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#7. You know you can fight and bounce back with ease

Because, there is zero probability you haven't tried to b*tchslap each other atleast once, and given each, other big 'IloveyouI'msorry' filled hugs after. 

#8. You can hang out with each other in long haul shifts...

...and easily rotate between TV-show-marathoning, texting side-by-side, and talking endlessly.

#9. There'll be no awkward first date

Because you'll have hung out with each other one-on-one a zillion times anyway. Just add candles.

#10. The two of you have inside jokes

Those take years to build a full arsenal enough, and they really ought to be put to good use.

#11. You've always been a little jealous of whoever they've been dating

'Nuff said. 

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