​10 Things Every Girl Dating A Scorpio Man Should Know

Prepare for some possessiveness...


#1 They're Possessive AF

If you think things are 'casual', can we just say LOL? Scorpio's are territorial creatures, and jealousy is oft just waiting to happen.

#2 They Border On Solitary

Ergo = Group hang-out scenarios are a bit of a no-no. They are NOT fans. An exclusive tete-a-tete for two is much more his jam.

#3 They Have Some Trust Issues

They're pretty much an emotional Fort Knox. You'll have your wall-breaking cut out for you, but once you're in, you're queen of the castle.

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#4 They're Refreshingly/Embarassingly Candid

"Yes, those jeans make you look fat. Let's take 'em off and stay in bed."

#5 AND They Can't Deal With Liars

Problem with his ugly Hawaiian shirts? Want him to go down on you more often? Can't stand the Thai place he never seems to get enough of? Tell him. ALWAYS Tell Him.

#6 You Will DEFINITELY Have Fights

They're opinionated—this doesn't mean they'll shoot you down, but they always have a pretty solid point of view they believe in. Get used to that.

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#7 They're Creatures Of Habit

Remember that Pad Thai at the Thai place he always orders? Yeah, he'll always order it.

#8 They're INCREDIBLY Determined

If they want something, they'll get it. It doesn't matter how much sweat, blood, toil and sacrifice it takes to get there—this is the guy you count on to make sh*t happen.

#9 They Like Being in Charge

"Google maps doesn't know the way! I know the way!"

#10 They're Not Particularly Sentimental

"Well, I'm sorry I threw out those old photographs—I didn't know they mattered so much!"

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