Apparently there are periods in life when those in relationships are most likely to stray.

Researchers from infidelity website
have revealed that we're more than twice as likely to cheat at the age
of 39. Other 'danger ages' are 29 and 49 – in other words, the years
when we're about to enter a new decade.

But why is this? CBS news
reports that a 2014 study by researchers Adam L. Alter and Hal E.
Hershfield at New York University and the University of California, Los
Angeles, respectively, found there were 18 per cent more men with
9-ending ages on extramarital affairs websites.

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They found that people about to enter their
next decade were more preoccupied with ageing and whether their lives
were 'meaningful', which could lead to  'a search for, or crisis of
meaning,' such as having an affair.

In other words, these are the ages we're most likely to experience a personal crisis – which cheating goes hand-in-hand with. 

danger factors include low morality, high risk-taking behaviour and
whether we're in an environment that presents opportunity for cheating.


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