Sexy One-Liners That Will Perk Up Your Man

January can be crazy-stressful, and while most dudes won't admit it, they need a little TLC right about now. Drop one of these sexy one-liners, and trust us, he'll perk right up.

Say this, boost his mood

January can be crazy-stressful, and while most dudes won't admit it, they need a little TLC right about now. Drop one of these sexy one-liners, and trust us, he'll perk right up.

1 "Damn, you look so hot!"

Men crave reassurance about their appearance just like we do, and if you're not telling him he's attractive, he may look to other women for it. Singling out an erogenous zone like his butt will make him feel objectified…in a good way. Don't hold back on the compliments.

2 "Wow! how did you manage to move that huge thing?"

The underlying message here is that he's strong, which taps into his inner caveman. Men need to feel like they can provide protection, so letting him know how physically powerful he is gives him an instant shot of pride.

3 "Oh, cool, i didn't know that."

Drop this line the next time he mentions some totally random yet fascinating piece of info. Then ask him more about the topic. It's a way of showing him that no matter how long you've been together, you still find him just as interesting as you did in the start.

What We've Learned From Bromantic Comedies

In honour of the mantastic movie Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis, we compiled all the guy insight we've gained from Vince Vaughn and Co.

Beat the slow fade

He was sending all the right signals...but now he's suddenly MIA. If you think he's worth the trouble, use one of these techniques to lure him back onto the dating track.

Seem kinda into him

If he's fading, send this short e-mail: "I'm getting dinner with friends in your hood. You around for a quick drink beforehand?" Translation: you are open to seeing him but aren't about to devote a night to it.

Make it a no-brainer

When a dude is distracted by other stuff, like work, dreaming up a date idea is just one more thing he doesn't want to do. Solution: come up with the plan and invite him. Think of a group activity you know he'll be into- like a tailgate for the big game at your apartment. That way, you can hang without the pressures of a formal date.

Be extra intriguing on Facebook

Chances are, you've already friended each other, so use Face book to flaunt all the cool shit you're upto. If you've been travelling, post some pictures from your most recent adventure; if you love indie music, post a link to a video by a band you're seeing in concert soon. He'll be eager to get in on the fun you're so obviously too busy having.

Decode his driving style

It's not how fast he goes-it's how he handles the wheel that really counts.

How to meet a man in...

Each of these awesome pick-up tips comes straight from the source: a guy who actually works there.

Make him a manly cupcake

Macho desserts are supertrendy right now, so we asked David Arrick, founder of Butch Bakery in New York, for three ingredients that'll turn a chocolate cupcake into a yummy beefcake.


Once the cupcake has cooled, use a toothpick to poke 15 holes in the top; it should go halfway through the cake. Then spoon one to two tablespoons of a dark beer, like Guinness, over the cupcake. Frost with chocolate icing.

Bar Nuts

Take this happy-hour staple and mash up a handful in a plastic baggie, then use the mashed nuts to top off the frosted cupcakes.

No sprinkles

Stay away from the pink frosted sprinkles and tiny multi-coloured hearts. Keep it simple, and he's likely to want more than just one 'obligatory' helping!

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