This is the Easiest Route To Younger Skin…

All you gotta do is grab Innisfree's Jeju Orchid range, and it'll do the rest! Click on it to know more…

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Every day, a new anti-ageing solution is launched in the market…however, is it even effective? The key to knowing that is getting to know the ingredients, and what they do. The all-new range by Innisfree is created with Jeju Orchid, a rare plant that can survive extreme temperatures! Oh yeah, if it can survive that, imagine what it can do for your skin.

The Jeju orchid has an exceptionally strong vitality to the cold weather and it blooms, no matter snow or rain. For their anti-ageing range, Innisfree created a potion using the orchid elixir to formulate different creams targeting specific areas.

And now, let's get to know the new additions to the range:

Orchid Skin

Definitely one of our favourites, this all-in-one product helps in hydrating the skin, correcting visible wrinkles and improving skin tone. The gel-formula makes it pretty long-lasting without the need of re-application through the day.

INR 1500/200ml

Orchid Enriched Essence

Orchid elixir works as an excellent antioxidant that lends your skin the strength and radiance it needs in the harsh winters. It enhances the resilience of the skin and corrects visible wrinkles effectively.

INR 2100/50ml

Orchid Lotion

This could be you new go-to lotion for smooth, radiant and moisturised skin. It blends with your skin instantly and leaves a protective layer without a hint of grease.

INR 1500/160ml

Other products in the range include: Orchid Enriched Cream (INR 2000/50ml), Orchid Eye Cream (INR 2000/30ml), Orchid Gel Cream (INR 2000/50ml ), Orchid Intense Cream (INR 2200/50ml), Orchid Massage Cream (INR 1500/80ml).

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