Sonam Kapoor Intends to Give Anand Ahuja THIS as a Wedding Present

And it is unlike any present he will ever receive in his life.

Simrit Tiwana

It's confirmed. Sonam Kapoor is getting married to Anand Ahuja next week and the buzz surrounding this much awaited two day event has us all excited and wanting to know all the details. 

No wedding, especially an Indian one, is ever complete without gifts.But this couple has specifically declined to accept gifts by mentioning this on the wedding invite- " Your presence on the special day is the only gift we require." Isn't that just too sweet?

However this brings us to the question of what the couple will be gifting each other. Well, we have some information regarding that for you, from Sonam's end at least. 

Long before Sonam had even met Anand, Sonam had already planned and revealed what her gift for her future husband would be on the show, Rendezvous with Simi Garewal. Wondering what this precious present is?

It's none other than a collection of poems written over the years by Sonam herself!

That's right, Sonam was quoted as saying,"I have written quite a few poems but there was this one poem that I wrote when I was around 16 years old. It is called Ambition. I had promised myself that as soon as I find the person that I'm going to be with, I'm going to give him that poem. The day I get married, the poem will be with that man and I'll say that this is what I want my life to be like and hopefully, we can work together towards this."

Isn't that just too sweet for words? What a great take on things, and that too at 16! In a world full of possessions and materialism, what can be a better gift than this for the man of your dreams?!

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