5 Things Yami Gautam Does Everyday

The actor and Speedo influencer, lets us in on the things she does religiously—Every. Single. Day.

Meghna Sharma


"I kick-start my mornings with chia seeds and water. This is a great way to detoxify your body, as this blend is an excellent source of fibre, and can help you lose weight too. Just add two tablespoons of chia seeds in one glass of water the previous night, and refrigerate it. The next morning, drink it as it is. I generally follow this with breakfast, which is usually oat pancakes or oats porridge."


"Being an actor, I need to wear make-up daily and that can really take a toll on the skin. That’s why I take the minimal approach and my beauty routine comprises of just face-oil and moisturiser. I love home-made concoctions and remedies, and I swear by coconut oil. I use it daily to remove make-up, but you can use it in so many other ways, too—it’s a great moisturiser, works well as a post-shave balm, and even as a highlighter. Also, every couple of days, I make a face mask with equal parts coconut oil and honey (one teaspoon ideally), leave it on for 15 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water—it instantly makes my skin glow."


“Staying fit is a pre-requisite of my job... I exercise daily, and alternate between yoga, cardio, and swimming—it challenges my body and keep things interesting. I was recently introduced to the AquaFit training programme through Speedo. What I love about this particular workout is that it’s not just about swimming laps in the pool, it also involves dumb-bell movements such as tricep dips with forward kicks, and power-paddle movements like chest-presses and bicep-curls. This high-intensity workout helps me lose a lot of calories in no time, and I don’t have to worry about muscle soreness!”

"Just like my skin, I’m a ninja about my hair routine. I don’t do a lot, but I make sure of certain things that keep my hair healthy and shiny. Since I use styling sprays and serums on a daily basis, I ensure that I use natural shampoos, conditioners, and masks. I wash my hair everyday (mostly after a shoot). Some people think you shouldn’t do that, but just the way one shouldn’t sleep with make-up on, I have to wash my hair post a shoot. I just can’t go to bed with product on, as they too have chemicals that can your damage your scalp."


"I stick to a healthy diet throughout the day, and as far as possible, eat home-cooked meals. When I feel hungry in between meals, I snack only on nuts or fruits. I generally eat a handful of almonds—they’re a mix of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fibre, and keep hunger pangs at bay. Or, I eat fruits like melons, apples or berries. I prefer whole fruits over juices, as an actual fruit has more nutritional value."


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