Kareena Kapoor Khan Is Secretly On Instagram and Likes Stalking Kylie Jenner, Reveals Saif Ali Khan

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We all know how our explore tabs are either full with Meghan Markle or Kim Kardashian or our very own Kareena Kapoor these days. The actor is not guilty of steppin' out in new looks, and flooding our social media feeds with her pictures. 

However, in a magazine interview, a few months ago, the actor was asked why she's not on Facebook, Instagram or in any form of SM yet. Responding to that question in her full glory, Kareena said, "Despite not being active or even present on social media, I am still all over it. I don’t need to put out anything more about my life. On the other hand, some people are active on social media, yet no one is interested in them.”

As the actor's fan club page has more than over 2M followers, we definitely agreed with her, at first. 


But, just when we believed she doesn't really need social media in her life at this point, her husband Saif Ali Khan shattered our illusion by revealing that Kareena is secretly very much active on Instagram and loves stalking Kylie Jenner. And we have Anupama Chopra to thank for making him let us in on this secret. 

Watch the video here:


We know you feel betrayed RN!

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