Shah Rukh Khan's Confessions From a Throwback Interview On Becoming a Dad, Are Adorable AF

Go back to the time when Aryan Khan was born.

Akshita Jolly

The first couple (that is still together!) that hits your mind when you think of Bollywood can be nobody else but Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan! Their love story which begun 26 years ago, has withstood the test of time and the various turmoils in a relationship that are exclusively borne by Bollywood celebs.

But apart from few controversies (think PeeCee), Shah Rukh and Gauri have managed to maintain their position as power couple #1, and never fail to amaze us with their aww-inducing interviews, and photos (be it papped or red-carpet!)

This old interview with Filmfare, was taken when SRK's first son Aryan was born. His candid revelations about being new to parenthood, and his feelings towards his wife-now-a-mother will definitely melt your heart!

On being worried about his son as well as his son's future friend circle's perception, about his past or upcoming movies, Shah Rukh confessed—

"It terrifies me. I don't think I've done any films I'll be ashamed of, which will embarrass him. And in the next 4-5 years I want to build up a collection of films which I'll be proud of, and which he'll be proud of. I want Aryan's friends to say, 'Hey man, we saw your dad's film. He's not with it, but he's okay. A real cool guy'. I guess, that's the way they'll be talking in the next century, right? That's the way we thought of Clint Eastwood. He was a little out of sync, not really our type, but still a real cool guy."

When he was asked how has life changed after the entry of a baby in the house, Shah Rukh—just like any other young Dad—was anxious AF. One of those moments when stardom has no effect on your inner human fears and worries, especially as a parent.

"Now, this little boy is going to be there in my house, day in and day out. He's going to be a part of my family, he's a part of me. That feels a little strange. And I'm just waiting to see, touch and play with this little part of me. He's going to be my life's best toy."

On account of how different he feels now that the title of a 'dad' is attached to him, SRK was unpretentious and pleasantly real, which made him all the more cool.

"Well, it hasn't made me less of a sex symbol. And I'm not feeling old, though now I'd like to play a father in my films. But yes, it's made me a nicer person, I hope."

We know you're gushing with adoration for this young version of Shah Rukh Khan, so many years ago before he hit stardom like a rocket. He probably never imagined that one day he would be the most popular celebrity in the country, but we're so sure he always dreamt of it. His love story is well known for its simplicity mixed with a punch of madness, and over the years, their love has just grown—if that's possible at all! But what made SRK fall in love with Gauri even harder?

"Pregnancy certainly has made Gauri sweeter, warmer, nicer and more beautiful. She looks like Mother Mary now. Very motherly. And I think she'll be a really good mother. I loved her passionately before, and now I love her even more tenderly. It's thrilling to know she's carrying a part of me," he confessed shyly.

When will this man stop charming us?

Source: Filmibeat