Serena Williams Was Craving Italian Food, So Her Husband Just Flew Her to Italy

Topping this week's Best Husbands List is Alexis Ohanian.  

Madhavi Pothukuchi

You know how we all have that checklist, when we're describing our ideal partner? Smart, hard working, kind, good looking, rich, and the list goes on. But after this, you'll have added 'Flies me across the world on a whim', to the list as well. 

If you're wondering who's this extra man who's set a higher standard, look no further than Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit, and husband to Serena Williams. 

This past weekend, following Serena's disappointing loss at the Wimbledon finals, her husband did what many other partners out there would do — he comforted her with a treat of anything she felt like. Turns out, she was feeling like Italian food. So, what did he do? He just flew her to Italy for the weekend, like it was NBD. 

The couple took to Instagram to share their romantic weekend away, with a photo of Serena drinking wine in what looks like a nice gondola ride, as well as a rather breathtaking video of Serena chilling in bed with her dogs in a holiday villa. 




Apart from the bitter envy that this has spawned in all of us, we genuinely did go, 'awww!' And we hope they keep giving us #couplegoals forever! 

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